Choir Girl

Monique all year has wanted to join the choir at school but Preppies have not been allowed to join until now. The first week she was late, as I had packed to much lunch for her and she was not allowed in. She came home very upset and told me that the next Tuesday I would have to do better and only pack her a small lunch with no crusts so that she could get there on time. The next Tuesday morning rolled around and she reminded me about the smaller lucnh so that she could make sure she go to choir on time.
She has been remembering and reminding me every Tuesday about her lunch and choir and she take herself off to choir practice at first break, which is at the other end of the school.

A couple of weeks ago she performed at assembly but I missed it not knowing it was her shining moment. I was so sad. This week I made sure I got to assembly just in case she performed again, I slipped in 10 minutes late in which time she didn't perform but got an award for being in the Junior Choir. I missed it again....

The last Tuesday before School broke up Monique had an eye specialist appointment and she was so upset that she might be late for choir practice. I raced back down the freeway from Brisbane to try and get her there on time. Ran into the school grounds and to the music room. NO PRACTICE TODAY.... was I just missing everything at the moment, come on. I did however get to speak to her choir teacher and be praised on how wonderful Monique is and be told that although other Preppies tried to be part of the choir, they all could not keep up and Monique is now the only Preppie in the Choir.

So proud of her that she found something that she wanted to do and kept at it until she was allowed to be part of it.

Wish I had pictures of her in the choir, better luck next year.


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