Pity Party

After a few weeks of living in my own Pity Party, I'm glad to say that the party is over.

I'm over feeling sorry for myself that I'm not able to drive, I'm over the fact that I have to take medication until we can work out what is going on. Yeah it is a pain to not be able to drive, it has been a month already and as much as it is a pain for me it is also a pain for Dave. He now has to drive me and the girls everywhere. He has to do all the shopping, all the medical appointments, all the swimming lessons, all the birthday present buying, all the little things which I just do without even having to discuss with him. I think this not driving is going to end up being more of a pain for him then it is for me.

I'm ready to just get on with it. We are at the start of a new year, school goes back in a week, Dave is back to work this week. It is time to start afresh and start the new year with a smile on my face and a go get them attitude.

Cheers to the end of the Pity Party an a happy New Year with a smile.


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