A long distance Christmas

Being away from family this Christmas we didn't want to miss out on sharing the joy of the kids opening their Christmas presents. My parents having been up only weeks before Christmas spoilt the girls and they had a heap of presents to open. Each year it is getting harder to make then understand who has given them what, and for them to get a true understanding of what Christmas is all about when they are swamped with presents for us and family.

So this year we did presents from my parents on Christmas Eve (via Skype) and then presents from Santa on Christmas morning. I love Skype, I wish everyone would jump on board the skype train, it is awesome to be able to keep in touch with my neices and nephews when they are all over the country. The girls love to get on Skype and talk to family which we otherwise wouldn't see. My neices in Tassie have been able to show me their chickens and other fun things around their house thanks to skype and although I haven't seen the Tassie family for a couple of years it doesn't feel that way, as I see them on the computer all the time.

Heres to a very Skype Christmas


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