Inspiring family - The Kings

I can't go through today without a special mention to a very inspiring family, The King Family. One of my very good friends is Chrish he has featured on this blog many times, his Sister Lisa and her family today have to do the very sad thing that no parent wants to ever imagine doing and lay their child to rest. On 8th October their son Noah passed away at 10 yrs old. Over the last twelve months Lisa has become a friend to me and at times I think she and Simone (Chrish's cousin) are the only ones that read my blog.

So today I think of Lisa and Aaron and their very caring boys and know that rainbows will only shine for them today. That with the love and support of their Tassie family and friends they will get through today and with the love and support or their friend and family they will get through the hard days, months and years ahead.

Check out Lisa's blog HERE The images of her boys and their brother are amazing and the saying a picture tells a thousand words truely applies.


  1. Oh thank you Andi. It was a beautiful day today and the sun was shining and there were bright blue skies. There were a few tears, but mostly laughs and smiles as we were comforted and knew that Noah was happy. We just now need to work out how to live without him. xxx


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