Sunny Days - Rocking Chair

I have revamped an old rocking chair which I scored from my sister in law "Suzie", I'm not crafty but I think I have great ideas. I'm really happy with the way this turned out. Today I finished the birdie cushion. This sits in Sunny's room. We have all had a turn on the rocking chair pretending to hold Sunny and read her stories.  By the amount of "I's" that have been used in this post, you can see how impressed with myself I am.

Next project........
A quilt for the bassinet, maybe a little out of my league but I can try, never know I might surprise myself.


  1. sorry for blog stalking (this is Chrish's fav sis in law by the way ;)) love the cushion and chair! And quilts aren't too bad - sure you will have agorgeous one ready for little sunny!

  2. yah! I love 'recycling' :) And I love that the chair will be used for rocking my soon to arrive gorgeous niece! I did spend many lovely hours rocking her bigger cousin in it.
    Looks fabulous!
    Love Suzie xo


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