The Gallery of Modern Art - finally we are here

Finally after all of the other culture we stumbled across we made it to the GoMA
(as we people that are cultured call it)

This was taken on the was to GoMA, Whale Mall.
Now Let me just say that alot of Modern Art is just STRANGE!
Some of the things that we saw included a film of a fat man rocking in a rocking chair STRANGE! A film of 12 people doing Michael Jackson impersonations, this was funny and Monique's favourite of the day. There was a room filled with purple balloons which you walk through. The line was too long so we moved onto the next 'ART' work.
We no less then 5 times got into trouble by staff at the GoMA
1. Poppy climbed on to the ice of a headless iceskating man (another strange one)
2. I took a photo using my flash, of these fantastic balls and so glad that I did...
3. Poppy once agian tried to climb onto the artwork
4. David touched something
5. David built his lego tower really tall and was told it was dangerous 
Yes the pattern is of Sperm

 Lego Table

Our day of culture was done and dusked our next Adventure Day is David's pick, we will be looking forward to Football Day or Fishing Day.


  1. haha, you can't cover it up, you guys will always be westies :D Looks like a fun and interesting day though.

  2. Just laughing at you getting into trouble at the
    Love Lorraine.


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