June has flown by

June has been a busy month and has just flown by with a blink of a eye. Now what did we do this month.

Chrish came to visit and we got to meet the fabulous Kings ( Lisa and the boys) finally. It was so nice to meet face to face. There is something about Lisa that I have always felt a connection not just being good friends with her brother (Chrish). When I told Chish this he said it is because we are alike and are both bossy. Hey buddie you better watch it next time you come I'm going be putting a pin under your air mattress and you will slowly be sleeping on the hard hard floor.

We went on an ADVENTURE WALK. Heres pictures of Tarzan and his children.

Poppy got a Red Award, so proud of her. She was so excited to stand up in front of the whole school.
The girls had sports carnival at school. Poppy came second in her race and Monique was the first to finish last in her race but she ran the whole way and I couldn't have been more proud. Hey it is an improvement from skipping when she is meant to be running.

OH and we had my birthday which i was spoilt and spent the night doing my most favourite things, Eating pizza curled up on the couch with my hunk a spunk.

I'm sure we did more then this in June, it was a busy month I must have forgotten a few things.


  1. It was so good to finally meet you!!! I think we are very much alike - especially on the bossy side :)


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