Seven Months Old

Our Beautiful Girl is Seven Months old, in a couple of weeks she went from being a BABY to being a baby that could eat solids and sitting up by herself. She laughs and giggles when we tickle her. Monique and Poppy love to blow raspberries on her tummy to make her laugh.
Poppy still can't keep her hand off Josephine which at times is a challenge, I'm hoping that they will have an unbelievable bond as they grow up together and this time when I think it is such a pain that Josephine can't be left alone with the grabby love you to death Poppy will be the foundation of that very strong bond.

Josephine's eyes are so beautiful and she definitely looks like the other kids. These photos have not been edited and they really don't show how blue her eyes really are.


  1. her eyes!! Only Becky has blue eyes still, the other two have followed Daddy and turned hazel green.
    Can't wait to have cuddles in Oct....hope you're been prepping her with pictures of me so she won't freak out when she meets me!!
    Love Suzie xo

  2. she is beautiful :)
    really gorgeous, i would love to blow rasberries on her tummy hehehehe i miss you guys xx


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