Moving Again

Moving Time again, this time only a short move to another house but non the less it has meant packing up and clearing out. Three years ago we made the decision to try for another baby, baby number 3. This also meant a house and a car upgrade to cater for our family. We had it all planned out.

At the time we had a duplex so we got it ready for market and sold it to upgrade and buy a bigger house in the same suburb. The plan was the house would be sold I would fall pregnant, we would be in our new house and we would live there for a long time. Where did that plan go to?

Our world changed when Baby 3, Riley passed away, we realised that we needed change that maybe the plan that we have mapped out was not the plan for us right now. Hey maybe we don't have a plan at all maybe we just have random events that make us follow paths until another opportunity arises.

Three years from the plan and we have lost a baby, moved interstate, had a rainbow baby, two kids have started school, made some great friends and now we move again to another house. Our landlord is selling the place we are in and I'm not going to sit on a ticking time bomb waiting for them to tell us they have sold and we have to get out. Not to mention the 24 hour notice you get when the real estate wants to show people through. Trying to keep the house clean and packing at the same time with three kids impossible and stressful.

Three houses in three years is such a stark contrast to my life as a kid, I lived in the same house until I got married and only swapped bedrooms twice. When I go to Mum & Dad's my girls get to sleep in my old bedroom. I hope one day we will be in one house for a very long time, a place where we can grow fruit trees and put pictures up on the walls.


  1. OH wow, moving is such hardwork. I hope you can settle in a house soon that you will love and not move from and have wonderful memories with beautiful RIley smiling and watching his family and his garden grow through all the experiences of life.

  2. I hope you find a nice house to live in soon and one that will give you a long term rental. We have been renting our house now for almost 10 years. Hope it all works out for you .... good luck.


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