Friday, August 16, 2013

Sydney Trip - Winter Magic Festival

Finally getting around to posting about my trip to Sydney. We went down for a holiday that just so happened to be right when my Dad (Mikie) had heart surgery. Usually when we go back Home it is so very rushed, this time I wanted the girls to do some holiday things that they would remember.
In the 30+ years I lived in the Blue Mountains I had never been to the Winter Magic Festival, it use to be 'When all the Freaks, came out to play', but I thought it is something different and you don't get to see Blue Mountain Freaks very often so hey lets do it. Now I grew up in the Lower Blue Mountains, it is very different to the Upper Mountains, we really are just suburbia with bushland and less traffic.. We got on the train and as we travelled closer to our destination it become clear the freaks were out to play. My Mum is the queen of giving the eye and the nod - did you see that signal.
As we got off at Katoomba it was just a little cold, I didn't even have a thick jacket (its not something you use on the Gold Coast).

Josephine didn't like of this constrictive clothing, this photo is her screaming, if she could talk she would be saying 'what's this thing stuck on my head'.

She soon fell asleep, and we all wished we could be as warm as she was.
The festival is great, there was a parade that had the girls mesmerised for ages. Lots of stalls and even more people. It was a great day out to forget about the stress of Dad not being well for a few hours.
As I write this Monique reminded me that it was really cool to eat something hot as when you breathed, smoke came out. So funny, I remember standing freezing cold with snot dripping from my nose and she remembers being able to breath smoke like a dragon.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spaghetti in your ear

Each Tuesday night at church we have an activity for youth 12-18 yr olds. This week we got them over to our house to run around the oval across the rd for a game of capture the flag with the twist. 

Twist 1. It was dark
Twist 2. They all had flour bombs to throw at each other 
Twist 3.  The leaders all stood in the middle throwing food at them. 

The reaction of the youth when they got hit with spaghetti when they thought that we only had flour.  Haha. I never want to grow up

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My glasses girls. We now have two princesses in glasses and they look just so cute.

We picked up Miss Poppy's glasses last Thursday night. She has to wear them all the time. After school on Friday I asked how she went with her new glasses today?

She replied "good mum I was heaps smarter today"

How easy would life be if we could be instantly smarter if we just got a new pair of Specs. 

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