3 yrs and many changes of plans later

Riley it was your birthday on Saturday, we all have made plans of what we wanted to do for your 3rd Angel Birthday. Your sisters wanted Cake, very very important. Daddy and I just wanted to spend the day together as a family, at O'Rielly's National Park (we thought it was fitting).

We started on our journey to O'Rielly's  and the clear sky's turned to rain then turned to real Queensland rain, we couldn't see more then a few metres in front of us. Change of Plans, there was no way that we could drive up the mountains in that weather.

Our lovely picnic that we had packed ended up being eaten in the car.

Our next choice was to go to Timezone to run around like big kids and have some fun. We got stuck in traffic in Surfers Paradise and then we we did find a park it was only for a an hour. Change of Plans

Off to our old faithful Seaworld to have some fun. As soon as we walked in Monique and Poppy wanted to go to Dinosaur Island but as we walked into the attraction a staff member asked us to turn around as it was closing for a show that was about to start.. By this point we just had to laugh...

In the end we had a great day, the highlight of the day was sitting in Shark Bay watching the fish feeding.We must of spent 1/2 an hour in the peace and quite, mesmerised.

On your first Angel birthday we made a promise to your sisters that we would always go out to dinner for your birthday, a family tradition that can be carried on for years. When we initially told them this we imagined going somewhere nice for dinner each year. I imagine going out to dinner with your sisters when they are adults for your birthday. Well last year we ened up at Hungry Jack and we ended up there again this year. I suppose any 3 yr old boy would much prefer a burger at Hungry Jacks then some fancy dinner.

It amazes me that time has gone so very fast but so slow at times also. On your birthday I received a message from one of your Aunties to say ' she can't wait to meet you in the eternities and give you some long over due cuddles'. Riley my boy I know that you will always be my forever baby, I can still feel you against my neck. No matter how many children have been comforted in the same spot over the years it will always be a special spot for you. I love you always.



  1. What precious and sweet cuddles they will be.
    Love to you all :)


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