He's so old he looks like he should be dead

Last week my parents came for a visit. It was so nice to be able to spend some time with them. It felt like ages ago that they came for their last visit.

The girls didn't know they where coming so the surprise on Poppy's face when she opened the front door. She didn't know what she was meant to do, she just stood there like she didn't know these two people that were grinning from ear to ear.

When Mum and Dad come up it normally includes lots of shopping, eating out, doing fun stuff with the kids and most importantly creating wonderful memories.

This first photo is of my Dad and Josephine she just took a shine to him and wanted to hold his hand. It is the most darling photo. Dad would be able 6"2 so this long distance love is just the sweetest thing ever. As people walked past us at the shops and looked in our direction I wanted to stop them and say 'How cute are they, thats my rainbow baby that we fought so hard to get and my Dad thats about to have open heart surgery'. I think I might just be turning into my mother offering up information to random strangers.
Dave and I also got the wonderful opportunity to off load the big prinesses to Rie and Mikie (my parents) for a weekend. The girls had an awesome time, as would any kids with my parents giving them pony rides, ice creams, take out, fruitloops. I don't even bother now trying to stop the loading of junk, I did however make the girls have an apple before leaving so at least I could feel like I have done the right thing as a parent before enjoying my time without the constant noice.

When I drove the girls to their holiday with Rie & Mikie I explained to them Mikie is very old and he likes to have sleep and they need to be good and let him rest when he needs to. This seemed to me better then saying Mikie has a broken heart and if he does too much its going to hurt him.  Maybe I should have gone with the second option as I get a text message from Dad not long after I left the girls saying:
'70 is very old. It looks like he should be dead right now', say Poppy to Mikie
Not really what you want to be hearing a few weeks before you go in for major surgery.
I responded with 'Least she didn't say she wanted you Dead'

When we moved to the Gold Coast we created a bucket list of experiences that we wanted to do with the kids. This holiday I got to tick off the AQUADUCK. The girls loved it, they loved that they got to drive the Aquaduck in the broadwater. They sat right behind the driver to make sure they could annoy the hell out of him. I felt sorry for the poor guy and had to tell them more then once to back off.

Busy Busy Life I must make more time for you Blog.
I don't know if anyone actually reads this so if you do and have had a similiar experience of your kids saying the wrong thing, leave me a comment.

Three Princesses Mummy


  1. I always read your blog and love it :) Your girls are so cute. Hope your Dad's surgery goes well.


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