Could you ask this of a friend

I got off the phone to David and received a text message from my good friend Emma to see how everything was going. I rang her and told her that our baby has passed away. She asked questions but don't ask me what she actually asked and if I answered her. I wailed and she sat on the other end of the phone. I was alone with a mobile phone and my dear friend on the end of the line. The Dr and Midwife walked in and out a few times but never stayed, each time Emma stayed on the phone. She has two kids at home that needed her but she managed to stay on the phone the whole time, listening, comforting and crying with me. I told her a few times I'm going now and she said no, i will stay with you until Dave gets there. The words that we spoke at this time mean nothing, there was no comfort that we could give to each; other then to know that we were there for each other and always will be. I know in the end i hung up the phone but i do not remember saying goodbye, i know she wouldn't have let me go until Dave arrived. Even though Emma was not in the room with me she gave me more comfort then any nurse, doctor or social worker could ever give.
I want to thank Emma for being a wonderful friend then and now. She rings, brings food, stalks me on the internet to see if I'm really coping and sleeping. She gives me strength...

Thank you in not enough


  1. friends don't need to be asked...glad you have a good one there :0)


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