Saturday, January 12, 2013

How do I train them?

I want to know how do I train my kids to do as I ask them?

Yes Mum I will have a shower without a fight, would be music to my ears and nose right now. I don't think I'm asking to much of you to have a shower when every time you lift your arms I can smell BO which should be coming from a Man that has not worn deoderant for a week and works in the blazing hot sun. Your stench takes my breath away. I love you and even if you stink I will hold you a little longer and give you a cuddle, I will sneek in and watch you sleep but please it really is not too much to ask for you to shower every day...

And by the way jumping in the pool is not having a shower!!!

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  1. Love it ..... I've been fortunate not to have kids that didn't like showers. Oh maybe a little bit here and there, but for the most part, they've been okay with showers. Turn the shower on and then put them under it with their clothes on might work, that is if you ask them to have a shower and they won't do it on their own.


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