Death of Rueben

It is with much sadness that I have to write that our ugly, smelly Guinea Pig Rueben is Dead. Monique through all her efforts to look after her first pet some how got the short straw and has had to deal with finding him 'Just laying there'.

Of course she has gone through all the normal grieving cycles. Sadness, anger, sadness, happiness all before Rueben had a funeral. Yes Happiness - While Dave is digging a hole to bury Rueben, Monique is asking can she have a snake as a Pet. AAAHHHHH NO Way, what about a Spider? Seeing as I have on more then one occasion rang people to come over to kill a spider, you can be assured the answer is NO.

Although I joke about it, I also saw the days following, Monique visiting our surviving Guinea Pig Jaxy a number of times throughout the day to make sure he is still alive. It seems the anxiety of losing a love one even if it is an ugly smelly Guinea Pig is no different for a child to deal with as an adult which has lost someone un-expectantly. I know it is a massive emotional difference and she will be over it soon. But the anxiety of checking and double checking and triple checking to make sure the surviving member of the family are OK, is something that I can see in myself.


  1. Poor Rueben.
    Interesting to know, that Monique was so anxious about her little friend.
    We just don't realise what goes through their heads do we?
    So are you getting another guinea pig?
    Love Lorraine.


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