More of our Winter Holiday - Visiting Mikie in Hospital

Visiting hospital with kids is no fun for them or the adults that have to be around them. After we went to the Winter Magic Festival we went to see my Dad(aka Mikie) in hospital. As soon as we walked in we could see and hear that he was having a hard time with his pain management. Mum and I tried to keep the kids busy with the iPad and iPhone but eventually Poppy got bored and hungry.
Family friends had come by to see Dad and they were a wonderful distraction for all of us. It was kind of good that Poppy got bored as her next toy to play with was my camera. I have about 40 photos from that night, Oh the things we do to just keep our kids quite, which she wasn't by any means.
This is how Dad looked and felt.
But when he knew Poppy was taking a photo, the true Mikie came out from the haze of pain and drugs.

Thanks John for playing with Poppy. Not sure which of you two had more fun...


  1. Sorry o hear that your Dad isn't well Ande.
    Hope he picks up soon, and they manage his pain.
    love Lorraine.

  2. LOVE These Pics... The 2 Poppy's had a fun time that night and how awesome is it to see Michael sooo well and recovered from his Op.. Glad to here that Cherie and Mike are going cruising in Dec... They will love it and I am sure they will do more of it when they have experienced it once... It is such fun ...Love Mazz and Love to you all. XXX


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