Looking like a Surfer

Monique for her birthday got a surf board and as neither Dave and I can surf we put her into surfing lessons. She loves it, she took a few weeks to get the hang off standing up but she very slowly got there. Each week she would ask me, "Do I look like a surfing pro yet", to which I would answer sure you look like an awesome surfer.
Each Saturday morning for 8 weeks we left the house at 7am to get to surfing, it didn't matter if it was sunny or raining we were there. There was a couple of weeks that David couldn't come so it would be me and the three girls, Monique in the surf, Poppy trying to swimming in between the surf boards and me holding Josephine yelling at Poppy to come back and yelling at Monique to get back out there and catch the next wave.
The second last week of surfing, Monique got really upset as one of the girls in her class told her that she was the worst surfer. The thing with Monique is that she is not the sporty type but she just tries so hard and it breaks my heart to see that she's trying and someone puts her down. Being the awesome Mum that I am I told her that this other girl mustn't be a good surfer because if she was she would be to busy catching waves to know what you are doing.
The next week it was raining, we went anyway, she surfed and I stood in the rain. The little girl that was mean to Monique wasn't there. I very quietly whispered into Monique's ear as she walked into the surf.
 "She mustn't be a very good surfer, if she can't even surf in the rain"
Monique surfed the best she ever had rain and all. I love my little surfer girl.


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