Monique's 8th Birthday

Monique's Birthday was in October but some how I have only just taken the photos off my camera. I already know what my New Years Resolution will be for next year. GET MORE ORGANISED.
She had a lovely birthday with presents and cake, all the things which are a must have for any 8 year old. She got a 1D CD, CD Player and Towel, or for those not in the know, or don't have an 8 yr old that's One Direction. All we heard for days was One Direction. She also got a surf board, Monique loves the beach and loves to go out beyond the waves. Although she was born in the Burbs, she was made to live at the beach.

At our Church when you turn eight, you can choose to be Baptised. Monique's Baptism was held a couple of weeks after her birthday as that was the one weekend when her Grandparents could come up (they travel a lot). 

Following her Baptism we had family and friends come over for a birthday pool party. She had a great day and I hope it is one that she will remember for a long time.

My Beautiful Niece and Sister in Law surprised Monique by flying up for a weekend for her baptism. It was so nice to spend time with everyone, although it makes you miss them more once you have seen them again.


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