5 Months Old

What can I say, I'm cute, I have eyes to die for and checks you just want to eat.
I'm five months old now and getting so big, I'm now moving into 00 clothes but I'm still in my bassinet in Mummy and Daddy's room. Mummy has got really brave now and she lets me sleep on Daddy's side of the bed. She better get use to me sleeping in my own room as I'm growing out of this bassinet and I'm going to have to move into my cot soon. She let me sleep in it once but only for a little sleep.

I keep my days busy with Mummy reading with the kids at school, they all think I'm cute; I have to be quiet and just pretend to read with them. I like to try and eat the paper. By the time I get to school I'm going to be super smart.

This is what you get sitting next to Poppy in the car...
Always with the Camera Mum, give it a break I just woke up.



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