Poppy's 5th Birthday

My Poppy is Five, five wonderful years with my free spirited child with boundless energy that I wish I had myself. Poppy's personality is one in a million, she is caring, talkative, loving, and a little crazy. She loves to dance, when she dances it is like the music is in her and she feels the rhythm with every muscle in her body. She sweeps and moves like the wind and lets the music dictate her movement, when I watch her I can't help but stop and smile at her freedom. 
Poppy and Monique both have wonderful qualities, as a parent you look a your children and say that they must get that from their mother or they must get that from their father. Much of Poppy's traits come from me, I can see myself as a 5 yr old. I can feel her struggles at school as I struggled to. I can understand the teachers telling us there is just something about Poppy, we can't put our finger on it but she is different. They joke that she is going to be on the stage. The Poppy I know will grow up to do amazing things and be an amazing friend and sister.


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