October - Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Month

The 15th of October marks Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day, alot of people participate in a capture your grief type project. I tried to do this last year but felt terrible when life got in the way and I couldn't post something everyday. So this year I have decided to write about a few things that I have never written about before, something's that I want to always remember and about moving forward with life.

Right now I'm not sure what will get spilt on to the keys in front of me. I'm no writer, my gramma is bad and spelling even worse. I'm going to let the fingers do the talking and see what comes out.

I have no idea who reads this and I don't write for others to read, I write to get it out, to make sense of my feelings. I write to make my feelings known and hope that one day my girls will read this and understand me. Understand what is important in this life and be able to look back with fond memories of what I have recorded.

The whole day of remembrance is a concept to me to that doesn't quite make sense. I don't need a special day to remember because anyone that has lost someone that they love can tell you they remember every day, they long for that person very day and you would not be human if you didn't wonder about the 'What Ifs' . It might be different if you are remembering people that you don't know but know that they have passed away in a global event but when you are personally connected with a loss, it is always there. It might not be at the front of your brain, it might be to the left of right over time it goes to the back but it is still always there...


  1. I love reading your posts. Even though your words are for your girls and you, what you write resonates so strongly with me, sometimes it is like you have read my thoughts. Just today I was telling SImon that even though I did't get to meet Charlotte alive, feeling her around me during the day feels so familiar. Thankyou for everything you write about. xo


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