Day 1 grateful

I've been challenged to write three things I'm greatful for, for the next five days. Here I go Day 1
1. I'm grateful for the mess I can make in my own kitchen, after renting for three years I'm glad I can say this place is mine   

2. I'm grateful for the three booty shaking girls in the back ground. They are fiesty, they love to dance and they love to cook, hence the mess. 

3. Now I've seen a lot of these grateful posts over the last few weeks and I know all the standard things but I'm not a standard kind of girl. So my last thing today is I'm grateful for my taste buds. I'm so glad that I can cook and taste food. I love it so much. After two weeks without chocolate I missed it so much. I fell off the wagon and fell face first into a double family size block. 


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