Family Photos

For a long time I have wanted to have beautiful family photo's taken to show the personalities of each of my children. Images that I can put on my wall to look at when the screaming starts and I can remember that we are all uniquely part of this family, no matter what.

I asked my friend and super fantastic photographer Melissa Pratt Photography to take some photos. We sat down and discussed what I really wanted and where. Over the last 4 years each time I have begun the process to get family photos, it brings up a well of emotions as although these images are lovely, my heart knew that Riley would always be missing. Melissa was fantastic and very caringly worked with me to find a way that we could include Riley in some images.

The blue balloons - are my boy, my prince that I held so briefly. My Riley. On the day of Riley's funeral we released 31 blue balloon.  Life after a loss means that the smallest of things like having a family photo can bring up memories, hopes and dreams lost and the realisation that our family has survived a loss of a loved one.

I have seen this at my wedding, my siblings weddings and the one family photo that was taken after the loss of my brother. Its like there should be an space, so they can just slot back into the family.

Now not all of our family photo's include the Blue Balloons because we all carry him in our hearts every single day. The balloons are there for the kids to see that we can include Riley. To show others we will always be watched over.

There are lots more images and will share them soon.
If you live on the Gold Coast or are coming for a holidays I highly recommend Melissa, and I have not been paid to say that.
I must say we do make beautiful children!


  1. Gorgeous.... You are a good looking bunch! Love the setting too.... At first glance I thought it looked like snow but then I realised it was QLD not Tassie!

  2. ♡♥♡♥♡♥

  3. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of taking your family photos. I hope you don't mind - I used your kind words about working with me as a testimonial on my website ;) xx Melissa


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