Book Parade

We had Book Parade today, we have waited all year for this or more correctly I have waited all year for this. We have only had a weeks notice, but within that week we have been away for five days. Last week in my super organisation I convinced Monique to go at Babar as I knew that my sister had an elephant costume. Easy we will see her whilst we are away and I don't have to think about it. Plans sorted, all organised. Until I get back from Sydney on Tuesday night at 9pm and realise I have forgotten to get the elephant costume and the book parade was on Thursday. We have a very large dress up box, thanks to my Mums very clever sewing & and some items we have bought. We have Pocohontas, Snow White, Jasmin, Buzz and Woodie, a genie, a fairy, a doctor, Belle, and Cinderella.

So what did Monique want to go as.... Firstly it was Angelina Ballerina but after my fretting of how on earth am I going to make a convining mouse tail. I convinced Monique that FANCY NANCY was a better option.  If you haven't read FANCY NANCY, it is about a little girl that like all things fancy and speaking french because french is fancy. My girls love her and we often refer to plain things as fancy so that the girls will try them as fancy Nancy would do it. It is quite funny to her my football playing husband referring to things as 'Fancy'.

To convince Monique I told her I would make her a skirt to wear and get her some extra fancy accessories. Monique designed the skirt and gave me a picture of what she would like me to make. I'm lucky to know how to turn on my sewing machine (which is over 30 years old) and sew a straight line, therfore to try and work out how to make a skirt at 4pm the day before the Book Parade could have been a mistake but I managed to pull it off thanks to some very old fabric and some elastic I had from making head bands last year. Monique loved it and has not taken the skirt off or her crown or anything else. So glad that she loves it.
Poppy had to dress up of course, she does most days of the week, today she was a ballerina.


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