Sunny Days - 24 Weeks

Sunny we have made it to 24 weeks, it has been a long road so far with Mummy pushing and prodding you every day. Making you have a sugar overload so that you will move and shaking you around with a truck load of anxiety. Every time you kick I breath a little better, keep kicking my Sunny girl, keep me up all night with your kicking if you need to. It is only when you kick that I know that you are OK. I can't wait to hold you in my arms and feel your skin on mine. I wish the next 13 - 16 weeks will pass in a blur so that it will only feel like tomorrow that I will have you here.  If only I would have a little window in my belly to see what you are doing and how you are laying. The last two weeks have dragged for me and I just want to get you to 25 weeks so then at least your will have a chance if you are born early. I know this is not the best for you and it is better that you stay in for as long as possible, so lets work together and get through this pregnancy. I promise to keep giving you food and water and keep you warm inside as long as you need me, you just keep growing and keep kicking to tell your Mummy that it is not long before you will be ours to keep and watch grow forever.


  1. You look so cute Ande! Praying and hoping the next 3 months or so go VERY fast for you. xxx

  2. ANother sigh of relief. I love it when you post these ones and I know everything is okay. xx

  3. Oh Ande my heart and prayers are with you all the time as you go through this pregnancy. lots of love


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