Strawberry Farm

Chrish came for a visit last weekend and as it is school holidays we did some fun free activities to keep the kids busy whilst he was here. Really close to us is Strawberry Farm, which is not actually a Strawberry Farm but was as some time in the past. It has farm animals and the girls just love to go and have a play with them.
 The poor duck had Poppy chasing it.
 Then Monique joined in. Surely they can't be the first kids to try and catch it.

Chrish made a new friend, she got a little friendly. We all joked that it is his girl friend named Gertie. I laughed all afternoon about Chrish and Gertie. I'm still laughing when I see these photos again.

Gertie giving Chrish a little nudge after he rejected her...

Poppy our future Photographer


  1. haha!!! Nice girlfriend Chrish! When are you going to bring her to meet the family! :)


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