My Family Pictures by Monique & Poppy

Monique's drawing of our family, she has included Riley and Sunny which is so important to me that she never forgets about Riley but more importantly is the smiles on everyones faces. And the love hearts in "I LOVE MY FAMILY!
 Picture by Poppy. If you can't tell this is the order, Daddy, Mummy, Monique, Sunny, Poppy and Riley is the little circle under Sunny because he is a baby.
Monique did her picture at Church and Poppy did her's at Preschool. No matter where these girls go they will always know all of their family and how important family is to us.


  1. cute, cute! So nice that they include Riley :)

  2. Absolutely priceless. It's a gift to the heart when they do this.


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