A day like any other

My last post was about the lead up to Riley's birthday and how hard this day can be but on reflection it is not the day itself that is hard it is actually the lead up. The lead up to a day like any other, a day which doesn't have birthday cake or party celebrations. A day without presents or phone calls from family singing Happy Birthday.

It is the realisation that Riley's Birthday is like any other day but my heart just feels so much heavier not having him here.

I do have three wonderful princesses which I know will always keep the day special in their own little ways. Miss Poppy asked if she could have Riley's presents as he was not here to open them, he wouldn't mind she says I will just send him a balloon to catch.

Last year on Riley's birthday we went out to dinner and we did the same again this year. I can see it being something that we always do. The girls wanted to get balloons and release them for Riley but we didn't get to do that, with school and me not being able to drive to get them. When we have a chance we will do this for the girls.


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