First Day at School

We now have two big girls at school. Both Monique and Poppy were super excited to be heading off to school for the first day. New uniforms, new shoes, new backpacks all ready to go.

Monique is starting Yr 1, and she is lucky enough to have some of the kids from her Prep class in her Year 1 class. Her new teacher seems nice and is full of beans, exactly what you need to be when you have  twenty; six yr old in a room together.
Poppy's first day at Prep was a little crazy with kids and parents all squashed into one room, everyone with questions for the teachers and children that don't want to be left. On the first day Poppy was happy to be left but every day since has been a challange. Day by day it has to get better.

Why on earth does my little Poppy, that never stops talking, that is always so friendly and happy not want to be left at school. Apparently she is fine once she is sitting down but until then I have her pulling my clothes off. I'm sure the teachers and other parents love seeing my boobs jumping out of my top as Poppy pulls on me to stay. Today I put Josephine in the pouch so that I couldn't expose myself. One day I will be able to leave her to walk into the classroom by herself.

Poppy's super excited face to be going to school

Monique excited to not be a Preppie any more


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