Josephine's Blessing

Last Sunday was Josephine's Blessing. It was a lovely day and we are very thankful that some family could make it. John & Kate came down, Irina flew up from Sydney for the weekend and we knew that Dave's Dad (Jeff or Grandpa) was going to be in Brisbane on Sunday so it worked perfectly that we could have some family there. David had told his Mum Evelyn to not bother coming up for it so when she was there on Sunday it was so exciting and the tears started to flow. There was three babies being blessed on Sunday and Josephine was the last, which was lucky because just before it all started she did a big poop and I had to rush out and change her. She really doesn't like to have dirty pants.

Josephine wore her dress that Riley bought her and her bracelet from Rie & Mikie (my parents). It was important for me to have both Riley and my parents represented on the day, as the journey to get to this point has taken so long and without them it wouldn't have been the same.

After I had Riley as I stayed awake all night I had a Hymn come into my mind but I didn't know the title of it and I didn't know all the words. I rang my Mother in law at 3 or 4am one night and made her sing it to me. She must have thought that I had lost my mind. Anyway back to the point I was trying to make. That song was the first hymn that was played on Sunday. I truely felt surrounded by love and family when I heard that familiar song. I knew that Riley was there with us and always will be watching over our family.

As Dave started the blessing, I sat quietly concentrating, I want so much to remember what was being said to be able to take it all in and be able to hopefully remember it all to be able to write it all down afterwards. I can hear my own sobs, feel Monique giving me a cuddle and then I hear it all; the words of the blessing my sobs and the sobs of my sister in law Irina. What a privlidge to be part of this family to have the love and support around us.
They understand the road that we have travelled to get to this day and can feel the emotions and importance.
After the blessing I wished that I could have written every word that was said so refect on it and read it over and over agian in years to come. Then a lady I had never met before came up to me and gave me two little peices of paper and said 'I hope you don't mind but I jotted down what was said in the blessing of your baby and I thought that you might like it'. I'm so grateful to her and she will never know how much her kind act of service has lightened by heart.

This is the shorthand of her Blessing:
Josephine Adelaide Cummings we ask for a blessing of health and strength for a strong body & mind, kind & compassionate young woman. Others will be drawn to you. You will develop a testimony and love of the gospel. You will be surrounded by people but still remain an individual. You will become a worthy member as you grow & attend the Temple.
You are from a large family who love you and want the best for you, listen to their counsel. You will be an inspiration to your mother. Have a healthy relationship with your mother. She will feel of your love and also your sisters and ultimately your brother. Teach them how to love & be kind to each other.
School use hard work and prayer , whatever path you take you will be able to acheive with the help of Heavenly Father in your chosen profession.
Be proud of who you are don't be afraid to stand for the right. Be proud of your heritage. You are loved by your family and Heavenly Father.

Grandma & Josephine

Poppy and Irina

Monique & Laura

Porter Cummings


  1. Everytime I read one of your posts it touches my heart and makes a tear come to my eyes.
    Your girls are so lovely.
    Rach xo

  2. I love how you've put her in a Sunflower Yellow dress for her blessing. Just reminds me of your previous posts about waiting for "Sunny" =) its so heart warming!!
    Love you guys
    Tema. xo

  3. we could of been there as family.

  4. she's so beautiful. What a special day. xx

  5. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics....wish we could have been there.


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