Sunny Days - Bears of Hope Ball

This is the second year that I have been on the Bears of Hope Ball Committee. It is the perfect job for me, I get to do all the things I loved most about working, I get to do it from home, I love organising parties and this is one fantastic party and in the process I have made a good Friend in my partner in organisation Jen.
Last year was a crazy three months to organise the ball but this year we are much better organised and know what we are doing. We started working on the ball in February this year with contacting potential businesses for donations. It has been fabulous the response that we have had this year with businesses which we have contacted in the past that where unable to donate, to this year remembering the charity and giving us more then we have ever expected.
Emotionally it is hard to describe the feeling when you get an email or a phone call from a business with a donation. For me it is like that one person has seen the importance of my little angel and the many other little angels and heartache that parents have felt in having to let them go.
The ball is on the 24th September in Sydney this year and althrough I would love to go I will not actually be attending as Sunny and being close to the hospital in Brisbane is very important right now. The night is going to be wonderful with many new things happening and some great annoucements. I know at last count their was only a few tickets left so if you want to go check our the Bears of Hope Website HERE.

And if you are like me and unable to attend or miss out on a ticket I encourage you to donate something that can be put in our lucky dip or auctions. We are looking for items which are $40 - $100 in value for the lucky dips as you can buy a $50 balloon or  $100 balloon and get a prize. If you have a blog I encourage you to post about Bears of Hope and encourage others to donate in honour of an angel that has touched your hearts.

It is a great night and a fabulous charity that is operated only by volunteers. The money raised goes to furthering the services available to parents and training of medical staff.


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