Sunny Days - Face The Fear

We are now on fortnightly ultrasounds for Sunny which is wonderful that I get to see her beautiful face every two weeks. She is just so lovely and I just can't wait to be able to carry her out of the hospital in my arms, all safe and sound and healthy. To be able to trace my fingers over her nose and those kissable lips.
With ultrasounds every two weeks it means I will have to be doing them alone, which takes me back to having Riley and waiting for the bad news that would tell us he had passed away. You would think that having such regular ultrasounds is reassuring and it is, but I know that it can all change without notice. You can go from having movements and a heartbeat to heart break, So while it is great to see her every second Thursday and be able to get a great collection of photos, that reassurance doesn't last long. I soon enough find myself waiting for the movements to tell me she is still in there and alive.

The care I'm getting at the hospital is fantastic and the Fetal Medicine Unit which does the ultrasounds are obviously more accustom to high risk pregnancies and what it feels like to be going back for round 2 after a loss. They give you the time you need, they answer all your questions and they ask the right questions. I feel very blessed to be able to go to a great hospital and get great care and all due to a wonderful GP which listened to me and knew that our local hospital would not cut the mustard for us. I must also note this is all through the public system. I don't think I would have got the same care if I had gone private. What a wonderful country I live in to be able to have this service.

Now onto the photos, in my scatterbrain I forgot to ask for the photos on disc this time so here are a few of Sunny which have been printed and then I have photographed.
She is just the cutest darling Sunny ever.


  1. Oh those lips are very kissable and oh that cute button nose is gorgeous. My thoughts are often with you Ande. It sounds like it is a brilliant hospital.

  2. She's so beautiful. So glad you are getting such good treatment - what a blessing. xxx

  3. Wow....isn't technology amazing! She is just beautiful Ande, I can already see the family resemblance :)
    Love Suzie xo

  4. She's past the alien stage :) She does look very cute, I can't wait to meet her.

  5. wow that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen Ande, hugs and kisses and all the very best to you always xxxxxxxxx love Wendie

  6. Oh you are so precious! You have been loved and wanted by the most wonderful of parents in the world. Thank you for giving them such beautiful "sunny days". The anxiousness feeling is just your body trying to respond to all the hormones that are happening and then your head knowing what you have already experienced. Go gently moment by moment. Thinking of you and your beautiful family. mwah Kate


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