Losing Track

Busy Busy life, each day I write a to do list and sometimes I get through it other times I'm so busy that I lose my to do list and end up doing a whole heap of other things I need to do which may or may not have been on my to do list in the first place. Only to get to the next day and write another to do list and start the cycle all over again.

I few weeks ago I sat at church and listened to a talk by a young mum of two boys about how we raise our families and how busy our lives can get. I have been thinking about her talk since then and she made a wonderful point, we write a to do list but do be write a TO BE LIST.
As a women what do I want to be?
As a mother what do I want to be?
As a wife what do I want to be?
As a friend what do I want to be?
 These question make you think about yourself and what you are leaving with each person you touch. In High School it is all about making an impression about being in the 'In Crowd', as you get older you realise these things don't really matter. Althrough it might take some of us longer to realise this then others ( me included, no judgement in that comment). I wish I had asked myself these questions when I was at High School, when i was in my 20's, not sure if it would have changed who I am today but it would have changed the journey.


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