Sunny Days - Move, Move Now

The call comes from the next room MUMMMMMMMMMMMM, My blanket has fallen off. An innocent call for help from Miss P brings a quick wake up call and a rush to put the blankets back, give her a rub to make her nice and warm and she drifts off to sleep once again. She doesn't understand these 1.30am wake up calls mean a two hour freak out, for her ever caring mother.

I lay myself back down and will Sunny to move, 10 minutes nothing.... Off to the toilet and for a big drink of cold water. I lay myself down again to wait for the important movement at 2am in the morning. Nothing, another big drink and the anxiety builds. My mind races could she have slipped away, could those last movement that I felt as I fell asleep be the last that I will feel of my Sunny girl. 2.15am Out of bed again although this water is not making Sunny move it is going through me, off to the toilet and another drink. By 2.45pm I can no longer lay in bed waiting for the movements so I head off to the TV to distract. Three infomercials later I feel it, I big kick, a wiggle and move. Just give me 10 movements Sunny tell your Mummy that you are OK in there. It is like she has heard me and in minutes I get 10 wonderful movements which tell me she is OK.

I can now breath and lay my head down in my bed knowing that she is OK, to get some sleep and know that the morning is only hours away. Dave thinks that Sunny is going to be so over the pokes and cold water by the time she comes she will be saying Mum leave me alone.

The alarm goes off and I hope that it is Saturday but no it is only Friday. A kick or two from Sunny tells me she is awake, laughing for the girls room tell me they are awake and happy. Time to start the day....


  1. oh boy - it must be so stressful. How long till you are due!? I wish it would hurry up so you could have her safe and sound in your arms.

  2. Yeh can you hurry up please, I need more of an excuse to come visit :) I even promise to change a nappy for you, haha. I miss you, I'm coming for a visit soon ok. xoxo


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