3 months Old

I'm three months old now. I can sleep throught the night which my Mum is happy about but I try and give her one night time feed once or twice a week as I know she loves to have that quiet middle of the night feed with me.  I look around much more and I really don't like it when this family just leave me lying around without giving me the attention that I deserve. But with a little cry I can sure make then come running to play with me.  I love looking at faces and trying to talk. I still sleep next to my Mummy in my bassinet, its cozy in there.

In the last month I have also had my first plane ride to visit some of my Aunties and Uncles in Sydney. I only have one Aunty now which I haven't met yet, sorry Aunty Suzie Tassie is just to far away for a weekend trip.



  1. Awww.....Thanks for the update my gorgeous niece. I know we live at the bottom of the world but I hope you save up all a bunch of kisses and cuddles for when we meet up in October this year!
    Love Auntie Suzie xo

  2. You wouldn't just be meeting Aunty Suzie though. ;) xx

    I love seeing all these pics of her - growing up so fast.


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