Monday, March 12, 2012

Our trip to Sydney

A super fast trip to Sydney to show off the newest member of our family.
Firstly my family....
My sister

Josephine was born on my sisters birthday, it is special that they share this day. When i told my sister that i was pregnant with Josephine she said 'maybe she will be born my birthday', but so did two of my sisters in laws that have birthdays at the start of december.

Monique and her cousin Natanne. Moni misses her cousin lots and each time we go to sydney she has such a great time playing with her.

Beautiful Princess Cherinda

My brother teaching Josephine to poke her tongue out.
 My Mum never wanted to let go of Josephine or Monique and Poppy. I know that she misses them so much.

All the cousins range from 18 yrs to Josephine at 12 weeks. This photo is now out of date with my brother and sister in law welcoming their little man Hunter last week.

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