Having a Ball

When we lost Riley two years ago I was handed a bear that was donated from another family that had also lost a baby, 'Baby Dean', this bear meant so much to me to know that I was not alone I was not the only one to feel this emptiness, to feel that my world had been ripped apart and I would never be able to put it back together again.

Dave and I the night that we delivered Riley clung to each other and clung to this bear, like it was our child that we wanted to hold so much. He gave us something to be able to hold as we walked out of the hospital empty handed when we should have been carrying our beautiful baby boy.

Soon after I decided that I wanted to use the experience and pain to help others, I wanted to make a positive memory of Riley and all the good that he could do in this world just by being my son. I know I had a task at hand and that it would never end.  In the depth of sorrow I contacted Bears of Hope to connect with other parents which had experienced the same pain and some how came out of the other side. I drew on their strength when my strength was tested until I could feel strong once again.

Since then I have been involved in organising the Bears of Hope Ball with my partner in crime Jen (she is awesome), so now we are onto our third ball together. The night is fantastic, we have a great time and I'm sure the guests all do to. I was unable to go last year due to not being able to travel as I was pregnant with Josephine but I'm ready to kick up my heals this year and head down to Sydney for it. We have limited seats available so if you would like to join us please get your tickets now and remember all the precious angels which are too precious for now and celebrate a wonderful charity that supports and helps families through the loss of a baby. Book your tickets HERE to go into the draw for the cinderella treatment


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