Sydney Trip Part 2, Family and a 50th

Saturday was the day to see David's family, we invited ourselves and everyone else around to Gaz and Crystal's new house for lunch.
The girls newest Aunty, Aunty Jen with Josephine.

Monique and Aunty Jen 
 Harrison 8mths old giving Josephine a cuddle. He was very interesting in her and kept coming over to her to check her out.

 Grandma Evelyn was very busy moving house but made sure she saw the girls for cuddles.

Saturday night was a 50th Birthday Party for Piggy, I can't believe I'm old enough to have friends having 50th birthday parties. It was great timing that his party was on when we went down as we got to catch up with lots of friends at one place.

Adopted Uncle Chrish

Dave enjoying being with friends

I love these three people so much.
Chrish, Emma and Cameron (Emma's Husband, which puts up with our big phone bills each month).

Next trip to Sydney won't be for a new months so anyone that wants to come up for a visit the airbed is waiting for you.


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