Great Grand Cummings Visit

We were very excited to see the Great Grand Cummings when they made their tour of Australia to see all of their 33 Great Grand Children. What a fantastic legacy!
First stop in their tour from Perth was Adelaide, then Sydney, once in Sydney they saw three of the Cummings Great Grand Children that were born last year. Plus they got to witness Neil (Dave's brother) and Jen get married in the temple. From Sydney that boarded a ship to cruise around New Zealand to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary and then arrived in Brisbane.

Josephine was the last of the Great Grand Children that they were to meet. It was lovely to have them in our home for the day and share with the our life. Whilst they were here they asked David if they could look at Riley's album. I unfortuately was not in the room at the time but I know David appreciated them sharing with them their own lost of a child at infancy and how they wished that they too could have been able to hold on for a little longer, to have more photos and more memories.

For me to be able to have a legacy as large as their my three girls would have to have alot of kids and  then their kids would have to have lots and lots of kids, I don't think that will be happening.

8 of 33 Great Grand Children


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